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           Marble & Stone Restoration and Cleaning Services

Stone floors are now found in many homes and businesses - in kitchens, baths, foyers, lobbies, and perhaps other rooms as well. Some of this stone material, such as marble, travertine, limestone and ceramic tile are completely natural, while others, such as terrazzo, combine natural stone with man-made materials. Drysdale's can help you give these floors the care they need to stay beautiful, and to help you maintain the value and beauty of your home or business premises.

We can clean floors made of ceramic tile and grout, sealing the grout lines against staining as the final step. Other stone floors may need polishing, or honing followed by polishing. In the honing and polishing of natural stone floors, Drysdale's uses a new version of diamond pad, enabling us to bring back the original look to your floors without any harsh chemicals or acids. This "green" technique was developed in Sweden a few years ago, and is just beginning to be utilized here in the U.S.

In addition to the types of stone mentioned above, for those customers with polished concrete floors, we can also hone and polish these as needed to give you the satin or shiny look you desire.

Rates For Stone and Marble:

Stone floors vary widely in type and in the complexity of what is required to give them the look you want. We will need to visit your premises to view your floors. We may also offer to perform a limited area demonstration of our innovative technique, at no charge, of course.

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