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            Drysdale's Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing Services
                       Serving Greater Boston and Massachusetts

More and more people are removing carpeting to enjoy instead the glowing beauty of the hardwood floor beneath. In new homes the preference for wood flooring is up with carpeting being the preferred floor covering in bedrooms.

Drydale's offers two overall types of wood floor refinishing - recoating, and refinishing that involves sanding floors.

Recoating may be your best choice when your existing finish is lightly scratched here and there, and perhaps "dulled-out" as well. With recoating, no sanding is involved. The floors existing finish is lightly abraded with either a sanding screen or an abrasive pad, and one new coat of finish is applied. If there are areas of the floor where the finish has worn through to bare wood, recoating would not be the best refinishing choice. 

Floor Sanding & Refinishing
Sanding is necessary if one or more areas exist where the original finish has worn through to bare wood; if the finish is moderately to heavily scratched, or has chipped away altogether in places, or if the floor's coverage with rugs or furniture has caused environmental bleaching or discoloring in some areas.

Drysdale's floor sanding crew uses state-of-the-art dust control technology. We can finish your floors with your choice of traditional oil based polyurethane; with one of the ultra-low VOC emitting water based finishes such as Polyursal BP from AMF Safecoat; or with a beautiful Tung Oil finish. (For more information on Tung Oil click here to visit our Tung Oil website)

Rates for wood floor services:
To quote you a rate for refinishing your wood floor, call to arrange a visit to your home or business, so that we can fully understand the range of existing conditions.

Wood Floor Refinishing Testimonials
Our wood floor refinishing crew is led by Jack Connolly. Some of Jack's testimonials are posted on Angie's List as follows:

Description Of Work:
Refinished wood floors in approximately 2/3 of a 3000 sq ft house we recently purchased. They sanded, stained, and polyurethaned the floors.                                                                 
Floor Services Review: We had a short time window from when we closed on the house to when we were scheduled to move, and they were able to accommodate our timing -- they came out to give us an estimate, showed us stain color samples, started the work, and finished the work quickly. Their responsiveness was excellent. They were even able to refinish a stair railing to match the new floors.

Description Of Work:
Sanded and refinished 3 hardwood floors (with three coats of polyurethane) in our empty rental apartment.
Floor Services Review::
Jack arrived right on time to look at the job and gave us the estimate the same day that we called him. This was a Monday. He told us he would start the work on Wednesday and would be finished on Friday. He and his helper arrived right on time and got right to work. They sanded and applied one coat on Wednesday and returned Thursday and again Friday to buff the floors and apply the second and third coats. Both Jack and Randy were professional and personable. He assured us the floors would look great and he made good on his promise! They look great. I would not only have him do work for us again but would highly recommend him to others. They cleaned up thoroughly.

Description Of Work:
Two floors of a large house were sanded and refinished; 7 rooms, two stairways, two foyer/entry ways. The floors had not been re-finished in some time and some areas had to be repaired first. Three coats of oil-based polyurethane were applied.
Floor Service Review::
The floors in this house were worn, but high quality oak had been used. The first floor was done in parquet and there were a few places where small boards had to be replaced. Jack gave us a very reasonable bid and clearly understood what had to be done to restore the floors. The heating system in the house (necessary for curing of the polyurethane) was being replaced, and Jack really worked hard to adjust his schedule to accommodate the work being done on the boiler. The job entailed a lot of hand sanding on the stairs, which was done very well, and all the people working on the job did excellent work. Afterwards, the floors looked fabulous. Jack was always where he said he'd be, when he said he'd be there. He and his crew worked weekends, even holidays to get the job done. I was very impressed and would hire him again.

Description Of Work:
Gave us an estimate on installing hardwood floors in our dining room.
Floor Services Review::
Jack arrived promptly at the appointment time. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in determining the proper flooring for the room. The sub-floor is concrete so he pointed us in the direction of engineered hardwood. Jack was terrific, and I would recommend him to others. However, we went with another company that could finance the flooring and had a lifetime guarantee.

Description Of Work:
My sister had the hardwood floors in living room, dining room, two hallways and stairs in her house sanded and refinished.
Floor Services Review:
Excellent. She says they were neat, courteous, did really good work and gave her a very fair price. The whole job was done in three days as was their estimate.

Description Of Work:
Sand and finish with one coat of stain and two coats of polyurethane approximately 1100 sq. ft. Cost included furniture moving.
Floor Service Review:
Good job. The floors look great. Kept on schedule. A great team and fair price.

Description Of Work:
He finished the floors of one level of our home. He met us during the tight timeframe we had and was very professional. We are very happy with the job he did and would hire him to do more work in the future.

Description Of Work:
Sanding and refinishing of h/w floors throughout our new flat. 850 sq ft of living space was sanded, though that does not include the closet floors, which are also h/w, which Connolly also sanded and refinished.
Floor Service Review:
We were very, very happy with the work that Jack and his crew did on the floors. They had not been refinished in quite some time and now look brand new! We had just closed on our condo and wanted to have the floors redone before moving in. We called Jack on short notice, and he was able to refinish the floors during the holidays, while we were on vacation. We came home to see a job well done. We recommend Connolly with no hesitation!

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